Veteran actor Patrick Duffy suffers from a longtime nerve disorder in his feet after running around barefoot in the late 1970s while filming sci-fi series Man From Atlantis.

The Dallas star reveals the artificially webbed toes he had to wear for his role as half-man/half-fish Mark Harris caused serious damage to his feet and he was subsequently diagnosed with Morton's neuroma.

He underwent surgery to have the affected nerve removed in 1989, but the longterm injury has also left him facing fashion footwear problems.

Duffy, 65, tells the National Enquirer, "I have terrible feet. I really beat them up during Man from Atlantis, because I was barefoot all the time - running through fields, running on cement, jumping out of the water, slapping them around for years. So the nerves on the bottom kind of went all to hell. Since then, I've chosen to wear clogs."