GREY'S ANATOMY star Patrick Dempsey struggles with his script on the hit medical drama - because he's dyslexic. The hunky actor, who landed the role of DR DEREK SHEPHERD on the show after Rob Lowe was forced to turn it down, admits read through sessions before the cast shoots scenes can be nerve-wracking, especially when he gets his script minutes before. Dempsey hired a private coach to help him with his learning difficulties when he started out as an actor, but even professional help can't aid him on the set of the hit show. He explains, "If I couldn't read a line, I had someone tell it to me. Once I had it, I could run with it. I still do that. "What I don't like about Grey's Anatomy is they never give you the script until the last minute. I fight those anxieties every time I sit down for a table read-through." But the actor admits helping his four-year-old daughter TALULA read has been therapeutic. He adds, "I've gone back and started to learn to read on a very basic level... I'm healing that part as well as developing my daughter."