ENCHANTED star Patrick Dempsey is uncomfortable with his status as a sex symbol - because he thinks he is just "average-looking". The actor, who plays a dashing divorce lawyer in the Disney movie, insists his looks don't match those of Hollywood heart-throb George Clooney - despite being chosen last month (Nov07) as the new face of fashion house Versace. But self-deprecating Dempsey admits he enjoys the attention lavished on his appearance. He says, "I always find it funny when people say I am handsome or I am perceived in that way. It makes me wonder whom they are talking to, it's interesting. "There are a lot of men out there considered as handsome men: George Clooney is good looking; he is the classical handsome movie star. I am just average looking. But it's fun and it is certainly nice to have the attention. I was known for being geeky and awkward as a kid. This projection of being sexy or handsome is funny to me; I certainly don't see myself that way."