Patricia Neal has died.

The American actress - who was married to late author Roald Dahl - lost her battle with lung cancer at her home on Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts on Sunday (08.08.10), aged 84.

The star had endured a life filled with tragedy.

Following an affair with her 'Fountainhead' co-star Gary Cooper - during which she became pregnant and had an abortion - she married British author Roald.

In 1960, the couple's infant son suffered brain damage after the pram he was in was struck by a taxi in New York City and their seven-year-old daughter died from measles encephalitis in 1962.

In 1965 - a year after winning the Best Actress Oscar for her role in 'Hud' - she suffered three strokes.

She divorced her husband in 1983 after she discovered he had been having a long affair with one of her best friends.

Patricia is survived by her four children - Tessa, Ophelia, Theo and Lucy - 10 grandchildren and step grandchildren and a great-grandchild.