Patricia Heaton says her political stance has negatively affected her acting career.

The 'The Middle' actress - who is best known for playing Ray Romano's wife in 'Everybody Loves Raymond' - explained her conservative views on topics that include abortion and stem cells have led to her not being considered for certain acting roles.

She told website PopEater: "We know for a fact there are some people who have said they wouldn't want to work with us because of our politics."

Her British actor husband David Hunt - who played Darren McCarthy in '24' and had a guest role in 'Everybody Loves Raymond' - added: "We get lumped in with lunatics."

But the 53-year-old actress is more interested in her Christian faith than how people perceive her political views.

She added: "My feeling is all these things come from God and as long as I know I'm staying in line with him, I don't have to worry if there is backlash.

"God will open any doors he wants to open and if he closes doors that's fine too."