Actress Patricia Heaton was left cringing with embarrassment on Wednesday (21May14) after putting reality Tv stars on blast while sitting next to The Osbournes' Sharon Osbourne on her own talk show.

The former Everybody Loves Raymond star was a guest on America's The Talk when she was quizzed about the kind of Tv shows she likes to tune into.

Without thinking, Heaton responded, "I'm not a big fan (of) reality shows where you're just filming your life. Gee, which family does that? It's so bizarre. I like the reality shows where you have to actually have accomplished a skill, like Project Runway, where you have to know how to sew and design, or like Top Chef, you have to know how to cook.

"But (when) you take your life and you sort of gee it up (exaggerate it) a little, and you do fake things that are supposed to be how you live, it's just bizarre..."

Heaton had been referring to the Kardashians, who had been discussed earlier on in the show, but her comments prompted Osbourne's co-host Julie Chen to ensure that she wasn't aiming her rant at the rock matriarch, who starred in her own family reality show on MTv in the early 2000s.

Chen said, "We just want to clarify, you were talking about the Kardashians?". After Heaton nodded, she continued, "You were not talking about the Osbournes because this lady (Sharon), she blazed the trail (for family reality shows)!"

The clarification caused Heaton to put her head in her hands as she laughed at her mistake, and she began banging her fists on the table as she apologised to a smiling Osbourne, before hugging her.

But Ozzy Osbourne's manager wife took no offence and cried in defence, "We had jobs! We had jobs to do every day!"