LATEST: Patricia Heaton's delayed return to the set of EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND this week (18AUG03) was met with problems - two of her co-stars failed to show up.

Heaton, who called in sick last week (ends15AUG03) citing migraine headaches as the reason for her absence, managed to make her way in for the rescheduled first table read of the season, while Doris Roberts and Peter Boyle were no-shows.

Roberts cited a leg injury, while Boyle has a history of health problems.

The sicknesses suffered by the trio of screen stars have been seen as highly coincidental, as they are all represented by the same attorney. In addition, they've all expressed their unhappiness with the possibility this season of the show could well be the last.

The trio all had deals for next year in place - expecting to reap in the cash from next season - when they agreed their current contracts.

20/08/2003 02:12