Actress Patricia Heaton was forced to close down a message board on her website yesterday (24MAR05), after her comments against euthanasia prompted a huge backlash.

Heaton, 47, voiced her opinions about comatose TERRI SCHIAVO, whose husband MICHAEL claims he is granting his wife's wish by allowing her to die after almost 10 years in a vegetative state.

But the EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND star's comments have sparked a backlash from those who feel the actress has overstepped her bounds.

Her official website was bombarded by angry posts, prompting administrators to take down the message board.

A notice on the site now states, "The 'Goodbye Raymond' guestbook is not accepting any entries at present."

Heaton tells PEOPLE she's not concerned about the backlash, explaining, "It does not affect me one bit. I don't have any concern over it. My feeling is I'm standing up for someone who has no voice. If people have a problem with that, so be it."

Even US shock jock HOWARD STERN said yesterday that he wants to pull her feeding tube.

Heaton jokes, "When I heard that, I was disappointed because I was just about to give him power of attorney, and I don't think I'm going to do that now. I'm taking him right back out of my will."

Other celebrities adding to the debate surrounding Terri Schiavo include Mel Gibson and country singer Randy Travis.

25/03/2005 03:03