Field, who won an Emmy Award for her work on the hit show and an Oscar nomination for The Devil Wears Prada, has run her shop in Manhattan for more than 50 years, but she has decided the time has come to close it down.

The 74 year old admits she hates disappointing her fans, but she wants to prioritise her health.

"I know that my clients are going to be sad, because they come in and tell me that there's no store like this in the world," she tells the New York Daily News. "But I've got to watch out for my health and myself... I've enjoyed the game... but I'm getting tired, because (the store) has grown to such a size. I want to open my social life back up, and go to the gym for a swim every day. I can't do normal things anymore, and I'm feeling it."

Field's famous customers include Blondie legend Debbie Harry, singer Beyonce, actress Anne Hathaway and pop star Miley Cyrus.

The store is slated to close in the spring (16).