Patricia Field says shoes help make an outfit.

The celebrity stylist - who is best known for her work as the costume designer on 'Sex And The City' - thinks it's very important to get the footwear right because they can change a choice of clothes.

Patricia - who has teamed up with the fabric softener giants to lend her support for the re-launch of the premium Lenor Infusions range - exclusively told BANG Showbiz:"I think they're important because they're a part of an outfit. What you put with what garment will tell its initial story. For Example; you're wearing jeans and a ripped up t-shirt then you put a pair of stilettos on - it immediately changes your presentation. You walk differently, you look differently, jeans and sneakers is one look, jeans and stilettos is another look."

Patricia also believes heels are important because they change your whole appearance.

She added: "It changes your posture, it changes the way you walk, what it does to the muscles in your legs, yes."