Patricia Field is ''disappointed'' by how John Galliano has been treated.

The legendary 'Sex And The City' stylist has stood by the scorned fashion designer since his dismissal from Dior in 2011 after his racist rant in a Paris bar was made public, and can't believe his four-day workshop at Parsons The New School for Design in New York City was cancelled last month.

Patricia told The Telegraph newspaper: ''Whatever he did, he didn't kill somebody. He got drunk or high and just popped.

''This is not an evil person, never an evil person always a good person, and I was very disappointed about the stuff at Parsons. They wanna learn fashion, who best to learn it from than John Galliano?''

The fashion mogul also compared Galliano's fall from grace to the media vilifications of Michael Jackson and Britney Spears, saying we live in a hypocritical society.

She added: ''We, America, wherever, have done the most horrible things and some guy flips his wig and you know, the world's all over it.''

Patricia thinks Galliano would be the ideal candidate to take over from his good friend and loyal supporter Oscar de la Renta - whose clothes she regularly used on 'Sex and the City' - when he eventually retires and hopes he can make a full comeback.

Earlier this month, Galliano apologised for hurling anti-Semitic abuse at customers in a bar in his first TV interview since the incident, blaming his alcohol addition for his erractic behaviour.

He said: ''I apologise. And I am trying to make amends in the best way that I can ... The drinking did creep up on me very slowly. It started cyclically. After each collection, after each creative high, there'd be this crash. I used the drink to stop the voices.''