Patricia Arquette admits having children diminished her sex drive.

The 'Boyhood' actress - who has children Enzo, 26, and daughter Harlow, 12, from previous marriages and is now dating Eric White - found being in a sold relationship brought her desire for lovemaking back and she feels ''sexier'' because of her ''healthy'' bond with her partner.

She said: ''Sexual drive at 46 is different. We don't have that urge to procreate, that animal drive. But if you're a parent, whether you're 40 or 25, the first thing that leaves is your sexual drive.

''It's not a necessity to survive, so if you're totally exhausted and tapped out, that will be the first thing.

''But I think if you're rested and the kids are OK, it comes back pretty fast if you have a lovely partner who cares about how you feel.

''If you feel loved, funny and attractive to your mate, I think those things come back. Women feel sexier if they're in a healthy relationship with someone who treats them well.''

Patricia also believes there are a lot of unrealistic expectations placed on actresses over their appearance.

She told the Guardian newspaper: ''There really is a lot of pressure on actresses to look a strange and unrealistic way.

''You're supposed to be perpetually incredibly attractive because that's the way the move world is.

''You might be 50 but you need to talk 35. Frankly, there is no shorter shelf life, other than that of a child actor, than that of the ingénue.''