Golden Globe winner Patricia Arquette has come clean about her salary for Richard Linklater's labour of love movie, Boyhood, revealing she paid her babysitter and dog walker more than she received over the 12 years of the film's life.

The actress insists she knew the film wouldn't make her a millionaire, but it was a pleasure to be part of such an important project, which is now the clear favourite to win the Best Picture Oscar after landing the top film Globe on Sunday night (11Jan15).

She tells Wenn, "It's important to me as an actor to be able to make a living (but) I'm going to tell you something - I paid more money to my babysitter and my dog walker than I made on Boyhood, and to be in Boyhood!

"Television actually allows you to make a living, feed your children, send them to college. And to have the luxury to make the choices of doing what it is you think that matters."

And the day after the film's big win, she admits she is still stunned Boyhood picked up three top awards, including her Best Supporting Actress prize and a Best Director honour for Linklater.

She adds, "It blows my mind (we won) because we didn't even know if people would even accept this movie and then to find at first that people were moved by the movie. Winning totally blew our minds. I'm so happy for Rick (Linklater) and so happy for the producers, because they gave four million dollars. They gambled on a movie with no safety net, no contracts past seven years... You could've ended up with nothing."