Actress Patricia Arquette is pleased the Golden Globe Awards ceremony has been cancelled - because she would have refused to cross the Writers Guild Of America's picket line. Organisers announced their decision on Monday (07Jan08) to avoid a celebrity-less event after the Screen Actors Guild pledged its members would not attend. And although Arquette was looking forward to the glitzy ceremony, she felt she had to support the strike. She says, "Selfishly, that's a really nice thing (to attend), but it's important to have a moral conviction even when it's inconvenient to do so. So I don't feel like I could show up unless there's some kind of agreement made with the writers. "So many families are suffering right now and the sooner both sides come to the table and come to a reasonable resolution, the better for everyone." The 65th annual Golden Globe Awards had been due to take place at the Beverly Hilton hotel in California on Sunday (13Jan08). Instead, a news conference will take place to announce the winners of each category