Hollywood actress Patricia Arquette was physically abused by her mother as a child, but the pair have since reconciled. The TRUE ROMANCE star, sister of actors ROSANNA and David Arquette, started to notice her parents weren't perfect as she approached her teenage years. She found out her actor father LEWIS ARQUETTE was having an affair, while her mother frequently took out her anger on her children. Patricia says, "I was Daddy's little girl until I was 12, when I started seeing some of his flaws. "Mom had her flaws too. She was violent with us, just as her mom had been violent with her. I was scared, but at a certain point I said, 'If you hit me, I am going to hit you back.' "When were both older we talked about it. There were a lot of things she couldn't remember. But she made amends and accepted responsibility, which was all I needed."