Train frontman Pat Monahan has credited his sister-in-law with dreaming up the name of his baby boy Rock.
His wife Amber's sister Summer had a series of vivid dreams, in which her sibling's unborn baby visited her and demanded to be called Rock - and the name stuck.
The singer tells, "My sister-in-law was having these very intuitive, very intense dreams that he was visiting her and insisting that his name was Rock.
"She said that my son was coming to her and grabbing her face and saying, 'Aunt Summer, my mom and dad won’t listen to me in their dreams. You need to tell them my name is Rock!'
"Then she had another one (dream) where he was wearing a (Colorado) Rockies uniform playing baseball. He was like, 'Aunt Summer, look, my name’s on (my shirt)'.
"You just go, 'Alright, this kid is going to get the name. Tell him to quit bugging you and get some rest!'"