Rocker Pat Monahan won himself the role of frontman in Train after a crowd-stunning performance at a restaurant.

The Drive By singer originally joined the group as a drummer who would share vocal duties with original bandmates Rob Hotchkiss and Jimmy Stafford - but one stand-out gig made it clear he was born to be a band leader.

Stafford recalls, "Our original vision of this band was to be kinda like the Eagles, where everybody sung in the band... but Pat's way too competitive for that and eventually Rob and I started to see that that guy can really sing.

"I remember one time we were at a place... playing and there were people dining in front of us and they had white tablecloths with their drinks and food... and it was Pat's turn to sing... and Pat was just really getting into it and he was really digging deep.

"He jumps down off the stage and he's standing there singing and he grabs the corner of this tablecloth with this couple sitting at the table and I'm just looking at him, going, 'He's not gonna do what I think he's gonna do...'

"He just jerked the tablecloth really hard and it came out from under the dishes, the wine glasses and everything stayed perfectly on the table... and the whole place just went nuts and clapped and me and Rob just looked at each other and after that we said, 'We should just make him the singer.'"