LED ZEPPELIN star ROBERT PLANT suffered the ultimate tennis humiliation when he took on Pat Cash just after the Aussie ace had won the coveted Wimbledon championships.

The rocker had no idea who his opponent was when Cash suggested a game between himself and Plant after a gig in Sydney, Australia, and he was royally hammered.

Plant, a tennis enthusiast, says, "I said, 'Wow, he's pretty good.' Someone told me, 'He ought to be, he won Wimbledon.' I didn't know him from a hole in the ground."

The rocker is among the top players at his Worcestershire, England, tennis club and admits he has to disguise his famous long locks when he plays - to avoid attracting a crowd.

He explains, "(I wear a) ponytail but clipped and buttoned right back up so nobody would know me.

"I'm just a guy there with a pair of aviator RAY BANS staring into the faraway sun."

09/01/2004 02:11