LATEST: Crooner Pat Boone has joined the fight to save coma victim TERRI SCHIAVO after federal judges gave her husband MICHAEL the go ahead to remove her feeding tube and let his wife starve to death.

Celebrity pro-life supporters Mel Gibson and actress Patricia Heaton have already weighed in on the controversial US euthanasia battle, siding with Schiavo's parents BOB and MARY SCHINDLER, who want to keep their daughter alive.

And now LOVE LETTERS IN THE SAND singer Boone, a born-again Christian, is adding his voice to the Schindler's battle after revealing he was faced with a similar dilemma when his grandson was left in a coma.

He says, "Doctors make their diagnoses and they do it with all their best intentions and best knowledge but sometimes they're wrong.

"They said the same thing about our grandson, RYAN... he was diagnosed by his doctors as being in a permanent vegetative state, on a respirator, never be able to breath or talk or do anything, and they said, 'You better give some thought to how long you wanna maintain him in this condition?' In other words, 'When will you want to pull the plug?'

"If we had believed the doctors' diagnosis and accepted it we would be visiting Ryan in a cemetery now, but we didn't believe it and we said to them, 'You're the medical team, we're the faith team; let's work together,' and we have.

"Now Ryan's much further along; he's on a recumbent bike, he pedals himself. (He has) the use of both arms, he can wrap his arms around his mom and tell her he loves her and he is coming back to us steadily."

Boone is begging Schiavo's husband to rethink his decision to starve his wife: "She's alive. When her mother or somebody who loves her talks to her she turns to them, she smiles, she makes sounds as if she's trying to speak."

Terri Schiavo has just completed her seventh day without food or water.

25/03/2005 03:03