Rock icon Pat Benatar has become the latest star to get festive with a planned Christmas album.
The Love is a Battlefield tells she's currently gathering material for a 2012 holiday album.
She says, "We have a lot of traditional things, but also some kind of jump blues version of Christmas songs, a couple (of) originals - it'll be a mixed bag of things... There's a lot of stuff. The recording will go quickly."
Meanwhile, Benatar is also planning on writing her first novel - a story about the second coming of Jesus Christ.
She adds, "It just interests me. It's one of my hobbies, so I just started writing this story. I've been putting it together for almost 10 years."
She already has a publisher in HarperCollins, but insists there's no deadline to complete the book: "They're great over there. They're like, 'Just do it. When you get it done, give it to use and we'll fly with it.'"