SUGABABE MUTYA BUENA is at the centre of a pregnancy riddle, with rumours sweeping showbiz circles that the singer is expecting.

Since the 18-year-old's performance at the Party In The Park concert on 6 July (03) in London's HYDE PARK - her new shape has been a hot topic of gossip.

One music industry insider remarks, "Mutya was wearing a very tight outfit and there was a definite bulge round the tummy area.

"Then I heard some dancers in the artists' area backstage talking about her being pregnant and saying it wasn't too clever of her to wear something that made it so obvious if she wanted to keep it quiet."

An unnamed male pop star also confided in a journalist working for British showbiz magazine HEAT, "Have you heard the news? Mutya's pregnant! Everyone's talking about it.'

However, the Sugababes's spokeswoman insists, "This rumour started at Party In The Park and has just snowballed from there.

"I don't know if it was her outfit or the was she was sitting or the camera angle, but I've had 20 calls in the past week asking this question. But she's definitely not pregnant."

29/07/2003 17:38