BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM star Parminder Nagra is still able to walk thanks to emergency room doctors in England, after they treated her following a childhood cooking accident.

The 29-year-old actress, who now plays DR NEELA RASGOTRA on hit US TV show ER, was rushed to hospital in her hometown of Leicester when her clothes caught fire in her parents' kitchen.

She says, "I was cooking at the stove, I reached for something and my clothes caught fire. My right leg was engulfed in flames.

"I did exactly what one shouldn't do - I tried to peel off the burned cotton, and by doing so, I peeled off my burned skin.

"It hurt tremendously. They took me to the hospital and the doctors weren't sure they could save my leg. They said I would never walk like a normal person."

But after months of physiotherapy Nagra was given the all clear - and now all that she has to remind her of her childhood agony is a scar on her right knee.

18/03/2005 09:40