BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM star Parminder Nagra has developed a new problem since relocating from her native Britain to Los Angeles - dry skin.

The 28-year-old actress moved to the Californian city last year (03) to take on a role in hit medical drama ER, and she admits her skin seems to have suffered slightly as a result.

She says, "My skin has gotten drier since I've come here, so I try to drink a lot of water. And I do moisturise a lot.

"At night, I'll cover my face with this intensive BODY SHOP honey moisture mask. I sleep with it and wash it all off when I wake up."

Nagra admits her eyebrows also had a few problems when she made her trans-Atlantic move.

She explains, "The first time I came to LA somebody plucked them into oblivion. I was so mortified I didn't really let anyone touch my eyebrows again. I think they're perfect now."

27/06/2004 21:09