BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM star Parminder Nagra is settling into life in Los Angeles, after hunting out restaurants which serve decent Indian curries.

The British-born actress, who moved to Tinseltown this year (03) after landing a role on acclaimed medial drama ER, admits she missed the culinary delights of her Asian heritage when she first arrived in California. But she quickly discovered the right places to go. She says, "I was missing Indian food so I went to Artesia and got all my spices and everything and I was cooking at home. I found two great Indian restaurants in LA as well so I'm pretty set."

Nagra is also enjoying the scenery. She adds, "I really like it. I love that you can drive out anywhere and you can be in the mountains or you can be by the sea. I think it's a fantastic place."

22/09/2003 02:25