ER star Parminder Nagra is preparing to run this year's (06) gruelling London Marathon after landing a starring role in a Hollywood movie about the annual event.

The 36-year-old British actress will appear alongside TRAINSPOTTING heart-throb Johnny Lee Miller and James Bond villain TOBY STEVENS in $36 million film MARATHON.

The athletic drama will tell the story of six strangers, who all have different reasons for entering the event, and the lead roles have all been entered into this year's race on 23 April (06) to ensure the film captures the true drama of the event.

Director Tim Sullivan has been given permission to place 25 camera crews along the 26-mile route and has already secured the film rights to exclusive BBC footage of the event.

Sullivan says, "Marathon is about real people and why they choose to come together in this event.

"Our cast will be official race entrants but they will not be expected to run the whole 26 miles."