Parker Posey thinks her reputation as the queen of indie movies has stunted her career opportunities.

The 49-year-old actress previously starred in 'Kicking and Screaming' and 'The House of Yes', but thinks that her reputation has stopped her from securing other, more mainstream movie roles.

She said: ''I've gotten some little parts in big films. Something new would come up, like a three-scene part as the wife of Matt Damon in some big movie and I'd go: 'God, why didn't I get cast in that, just tell me what the feedback was, what did they say?' and the response was: 'You're too much of an indie queen'.

''So my brand, or what I was called, just separated me from the work.''

Parker likened the movie business to a game of ''roulette'', saying that the uncertainty is both ''great and terrifying''.

Speaking to the Guardian newspaper, she explained: ''It's more like roulette because it's not something you really have control over. That's the great and terrifying thing about it.''

Meanwhile, Parker previously admitted she finds being labelled the queen of indie movies to be a little bit disrespectful.

She explained: ''It's not easy in this business as a woman to have integrity. I was just reading a piece from a journalist who was writing about her experience at Sundance and they called me 'It Girl' and 'indie chick'. Why?

''I'm always frustrated at the lack of depth and things that are happening right now in our culture.''