Paris Jackson allegedly thinks Justin Bieber is a terrible role model.

The 15-year-old aspiring singer, who is the daughter of the late Michael Jackson, reportedly ''hates'' the 19-year-old 'Boyfriend' hitmaker because he failed to respond to messages from several young female fans, who threatened to harm themselves.

A source close to the teenager, who is currently being treated at UCLA Medical Centre after attempting suicide by cutting her wrists with a kitchen knife and taking 20 Motrin painkillers at her family's home in Calabasas, California, earlier this month, told gossip website that Paris believes Justin should have spoken out against the issue after some of his female fans started tweeting about cutting themselves as an expression of their love for the singer.

An insider said she was enraged when Justin didn't respond or try to talk them out of it, and she also thinks his recent bad behaviour is a ''disgrace''.

Meanwhile, Paris is likely to stay in a treatment facility to undergo intense therapy for the next few weeks in a bid to learn to cope with her own struggles.

A source told E! News: ''She has a couple weeks of very intense therapy [ahead of her] before anything else happens. Where she does it all depends on the best place.''

The insider also claimed that Paris' overdose didn't occur ''out of the clear blue'' and that she has been treated at UCLA Medical Centre in the past.