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WHO IS THIS INSIDER & A FAMILY MEMBER told that they aren't Michael's Kid?????????????? Did this or TMZ or whatever talk to one o one with Paris or Kate mom?????????? you don't have any wright to play with her emotion as she is already in heard time.Show me the face & wards of this FUCKING insider or family member.It all about divert people's & kids mind.IF GOD HIMSELF say he is not,We the FAN'S will not believe but trust to MICHAEL'S word.

Posted 4 years 5 months ago by rosemary moly gomes

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@ YANNI54 ,,,,,, you took the words right out of my mouth exactly they are turning tabloid,,all this is Mark Lester's lies and Matt Fibbs, and Arnie Klein MJ IS THE FATHER TO ALL 3 KIDS. Good going Contact Music, you officially just now became tabloid

Posted 4 years 5 months ago by m.j. lover and ...

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Contact Music is becoming the new TMZ! Whatever happened to she was depressed because she had been getting bullied online and at school? Whatever happened to she was depressed because of the fact Prince refuse to accept Debbie Rowe the way she has? Whatever happened to she was depressed because of what she has been reading about Wade Robson accusing her dad of rape? Whatever happened to the fact she is super depressed because still haven't accepted her dad's death? So what's the real truth here???? Who is this so called "family friend"? To me this family didn't have any friends they could truly trust, especially Michael. Every friend he thought he had are either trying to sue his estate, writing tell all books, trying to claim his children, and are trying to demonize his name, even the major player's who would have made billion's off of him had he lived like AEG. I feel for Paris, but she had better watch what she is asking for, because whether she is biologically MJ's child or not, she will always be Michael Jackson's daughter and that will never be an easy thing to be. The vultures will always be flying over her head and the heads of her BROTHERS! So she need to get the help she needs and do a little growing up. Her enemies are not Michael's family, it everyone else especially media like contact music, TMZ, the Sun, and all the rest who thrives on scandals and ratings!

Posted 4 years 5 months ago by YANNI54

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I wander what she will do if she discover that Michael wasn't her biological father??? She ia a very big problem for The Jackson Family!!

Posted 4 years 5 months ago by reniatko

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