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I am sure when Paris got upset over hearing her and her brother did not share the same biological fathers, he thought of her and the thought he could be her father. Since Paris is showing signs of wanting to reconnect with people who might have a link to her, he is showing his openness. I read she called him before her suicide attempt and seeing how she wanted to reconnect with Debbie, he likely wanted to let her know if she wanted that, he was ok with it and getting a dna test when she is emotionally ready to handle it. With her father now dead and her showing signs of unhappiness and difficulties with the family she is placed in, he is trying to step up in the event he is needed and I am sure he also wonders if he is the biological father. What is wrong with that. I read she wants to meet with him so he is not doing anything wrong. As far as his acting, I loved Oliver and I feel that film really must have connected with Michael and his feelings of being not as close or feeling as accepted as he hoped to be and his affinity for child stars and that resonating with him and wanted to know the man. why are oyu denigrating a great film and his acting in it. You do not know anything about what Michael thought of him or if Michael would like him to help Paris in her hour of need,. Why is it any of you guys business, It is his business and his children's business. You don't enough know his kids. I am so sick of the mean negative and judgmental comments on articles. what is wrong with people nowadays...we are called to love others not be so mean. Stop judging the man. They stayed out cause that is what Michael wanted but if he could see how unhappy the kids are, he might appreciate them stepping up when they see Paris in serious emotional upheaval.

Posted 4 years 4 months ago by smithy 2

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Poor man!!!!Now come up to claimed "he could be Paris and her elder brother Prince's biological father." Clam come forward & u got a chance to take chance.Stupid RAT come out from Hole.Got to hell with ur won kid & stay out from PARIS as u'll take her life.

Posted 4 years 5 months ago by gomesrosemayr

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what a fucking sleazy moron, he is trying whatever it 's take to get to The Jackson Family. Firstly he is not Paris Jackson father and I am 100% sure Michael wouldn't want this Prick to be involved in their lives. So pseudo "actor", he only made one movie in his life and he is calling himself an actor!. What afucking joke he is. Listen whoever you are just back off from them, they don't need you stupid.

Posted 4 years 5 months ago by reniatko

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WTF Mark You are delusional you are not the godfather/father/nothing to them kids.Michael is the father too all 3 of them kids. Get a job Mark Lester and stop trying to dig into Michael's money you have no rights to nothing. Paris is way to dark to be yours and So is Prince. You are a has-been M.L. GET A JOB YOU ONE HIT WONDER!!!!!

Posted 4 years 5 months ago by m.j. lover and ...

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Unless Mark Lester lives on the moon, there is no place on earth that Paris can go to escape being Michael Jackson's daughter. Every media outlet from newspapers to the internet will always write about her and her family and unless she gives up reading all together she will still know about what others are doing when it comes to all things Jackson and that Mark Lester is a fact. We all know how Mark Lester has been trying to claim Paris as his daughter by telling the world that as MJ's "good friend", he gave him sperm and how he definitely believes Paris is HIS daughter. So trying to get her to come to London as MJ's friend throwing that olive branch is bogus BS!!!! Paris might not come back!! I would NOT TRUST ANYONE WHO CLAIMS THEY WERE MICHAEL'S GOOD OR BEST FRIEND, BECAUSE WE ARE FINDING OUT DAILY THAT MJ DIDN'T HAVE THE FRIENDS HE THOUGHT HE HAD!

Posted 4 years 5 months ago by YANNI54

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