Teenage photos of socialite Paris Hilton's mother have been advertised on internet auction site eBay.

The three pictures depict hotel matriarch KATHY as a 14-year-old. One shows her lying fully clothed but suggestively spread eagled on a bed, another posing in a bikini.

The seller, identified as PIERCE, has placed the starting bid at $499.95 (GBP277.75). He took the photos when he attended the same party as Kathy.

He writes, "That was some party that night, and Kathy was my favourite guest! She was always very friendly and outgoing around me."

So far the pubescent pictures have failed to attract any bids, but Hilton's spokeswoman, Elliot Mintz, says, "Kathy said that whoever makes the winning bid, she hopes they will be very happy with the pictures."