Former American football star O.J. SIMPSON has criticised the media for its coverage of Paris Hilton's prison sentence. The socialite was readmitted to jail on Friday (08Jun07) at the Century Regional Detention Center in Lynwood, California to finish the 45-day sentence she began earlier this month (Jun07) - after a judge reversed the decision to allow her to complete the sentence under house arrest. But Simpson, who in 1995 was acquitted of the murders of his former wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman, believes the media circus surrounding Hilton's jail sentence was over the top. He says, "When Paris Hilton was going to jail last week, more people knew about that than knew that we were sending people into space that day. "It has replaced what is real news. There was always a place for it, but it was (gossip writer) Rona Barrett. Now it is the equivalent of (late, high-brow journalist) Edward R. Murrow reporting it today."