Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie's pet gift to the mother of a family who put them up during the filming of their new reality series The Simple Life: INTERNS has backfired after the socialites forgot to pay the bill for the pedigrees.

Paris and Nicole arranged for two Great Danes to be delivered to JOYCE BROWER in New Jersey after the mother-of-three made them welcome in her home last year (04).

The ditzy pair came up with the gift after hearing how heartbroken Brower had been when her beloved pooch Madison died a month before their visit.

But, after collecting the two huge dogs from Mica Dog Breeders at $2,000 (GBP1,052) the girls forgot to pay up.

After they left the Browers, representatives for the breeder, visited the family demanding payment.

The dogs, named Flea and BILLY by the socialites, are now back with the breeder.

27/01/2005 21:24