Hollywood star Paris Hilton is rumoured to be eager to take part in the next season of Celebrity Big Brother in the UK.

The Sun reports that the socialite is being offered a sum of over £300,000 to take part in the celebrity version of the fly-on-the-wall show.

Paris, who has starred in her own reality show - The Simple Life - in the US, is reportedly hoping to raise her profile in the UK through such an appearance, and to put an end to her image of being a spoilt party girl.

The paper cites a source involved in the Channel Four reality show as saying: "We told Paris, 'Name your price'".

He revealed that Big Brother bosses were in "firm talks" with the heiress.

The source added that the 26-year-old star, who has recorded her own music album and done cameos on many American television shows, was eager to change her image of being a "bimbo" and a "wildchild".

In June, there were concerns about Paris' health after she was sentenced to jail time for driving on a suspended licence. She had previously been arrested for driving while drunk and was told she would have to serve 24 days in jail in Los Angeles.

There was concern at the time over how she would cope without going out every night. Paris is likely to face a similar period of exclusion from the world if she moves into the Big Brother house.

Appearing in an interview on CNN after being released from prison, Paris said her time in jail had been a life-changing one and proclaimed she would aim to be a better role model.

21/08/2007 07:27:12