Paris Hilton's best friend, socialite Kim Kardashian, has been caught up in a new sex tape scandal after filming her sexploits with her ex, Whitney Houston's reported new beau Ray J. A raunchy tape featuring the former couple engaged in various acts, including oral sex, has made its way to Internet porn firm, according to news website, which has confirmed the existence of the racy film. bosses have reportedly offered Kardishian, the daughter of famed attorney ROBERT KARDISHIAN, a $2 million (GBP1 million) deal for the exclusive rights to the tape. But Kardashian insists she wants nothing to do with the sale of the sex tape, and insists her ex, R+B star Brandy's brother, will not want to get caught up in the deal either. She tells, "There is no tape being shopped. Ray J and I remain friends, and there is nothing he would do to spite me." Kardashian admits she's skeptical about news the sex tape has been leaked: "I would love to see what they've seen."