Kathy Hilton, mother of socialite Paris Hilton has said that she nags her daughter like any other mother and that the heiress never received any special treatment as a child.

In an interview with German newspaper Die Wielt, Paris' mother also criticised her drink driving conviction.

Speaking about the incident, which led to Paris spending 23 days in jail for driving without a licence, she said: "You simply don't get behind the wheel when you have even had just a bit to drink. That is totally irresponsible. I agree with that. I do criticise how Paris' case was handled though.

"That was not about the law, the prosecutor even admitted that. His own wife drove twice without a licence and even smashed up a car. No, of 2000 cases that were like Paris', no one was punished like she was," the mother of the heiress claimed.

Kathy also said that she sometimes wondered if she had been too strict while raising her daughter.

"When Paris disobeyed us, we would first confiscate her mobile phone - practically her life. Second time it would be disconnected, for a month or so. Mothers are mothers, annoying. Perhaps I was too strict with Paris."

"She was cheeky but never spoiled like it's always written…we never sued and so this myth grew larger and larger," she added.

The mother of the heiress also said that she nagged her daughter and worried about her child as any normal parent would.

"I am very strict. I call my daughter up and say, 'That is enough now, stop, I don't want to hear any more. You better stay home.'

"Of course I worry. That is why I nag just like all mothers," she added.

Kathy also said that she was worried that work engagements meant that Paris was not enjoying life to the fullest.

"Paris works so hard. I always say, Paris, you also have to stop now and again and smell the roses," she added.

11/09/2007 08:06:34