Hotel heiress Paris Hilton has been hit with another sex tape scandal on the internet - this time a "greatest hits" collection.

The new tape includes the original short sex tape Hilton made with then-boyfriend Rick Solomon, plus more steamy edited compilation footage of the blonde beauty, showing her wearing different sexy outfits - even donning different hair colours - as she has sex with her former beau.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous and claims he's in Europe, insists he owns the rights to the unauthorised tape.

He told American shock jock Howard Stern on Thursday (12FEB04), "It is certainly fair to say that I have dealt with one of these two people. And I won't go further than that."

There are already a slew of lawsuits flooding the courts over the Hilton tapes. In the most recent, Hilton is suing a Panamanian internet company for showing the first tape.

The new tape distributor says he doesn't expect to get sued by "anybody who matters", adding the only two people that matter are Solomon and Hilton.

18/02/2004 17:11