Paris Hilton ''can't wait'' to have children.

The 36-year-old socialite held a children's charity concert in Ibiza over the weekend, and has now admitted the experience helped her realise she would love to start a family with her boyfriend and actor Chris Zylka, as they both ''love kids''.

Speaking to MailOnline, Paris said: ''I had such a wonderful time with all the children at my Foam and Diamonds for Kids party last weekend. It's such an an amazing feeling to see all of their smiling faces. It made me so happy to have Chris by my side.

''He loves kids just like I do, so it was really fun to get to experience that together. Also, it made me think about how I can't wait to have my own child one day and how special that feeling would be.''

It's not the first time the blonde beauty has spoken about having children, as she recently expressed a wish to ''have a daughter'' in the future, and added she would be sure to teach her about the dangers of social media.

Paris said at the time: ''When I have a daughter one day, I don't want her to be so obsessed with social media. I just think there are way more important things in life.''

Meanwhile, Paris previously spoke about how serious she is in her relationship with 'The Amazing Spider-Man' actor, as she even cut her residency as a DJ in Ibiza short in order to spend time with him.

She said: ''Now that I am in a serious relationship and my boyfriend has film projects, I can't do the residency for the full five months.''

And Paris admits she loves how laid-back the 32-year-old actor is, as he would rather stay ''in bed'' with the blonde beauty than go out to parties.

She added: ''He doesn't care about going out. He'd much rather just be in bed with me, watching TV and relaxing.''