Hotel heiress Paris Hilton has another skill she's kept hidden from fans - she's "such a good cook".

In the past year, the blonde beauty has become a reality TV star, taken up acting, launched a jewellery line and embarked on a singing career.

But with all of her achievements, the socialite admits she's most proud of her skills in the kitchen.

She says, "I'm the best cook. I'm such a good cook. If you're an heiress you should be able to cook. It's hot.

"I love cooking. People don't know that about me. A lot of people think that I can't cook. It's more fun to do it yourself. My mom is a really great cook, so I would just watch her when I was little."

Hilton proved her devotion to culinary practices when she appeared on TONY DANZA's new chat show yesterday morning (16SEP04) and made her speciality dish lasagna. But she managed to keep her hands clean by asking the former TAXI star to mix all of the ingredients for her.

17/09/2004 08:36