Paris Hilton is spending her Thanksgiving watching 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo'.

The socialite is taking it easy after a ''brutal'' drive up to Palm Springs, California, to be with her family for the annual holiday today (22.11.12) and has been enjoying a few episodes of the series which follows the life of cute child beauty pageant contestant Alana Thompson.

In a series of twitter posts, she said: ''The traffic to Palm Springs is beyond insane! So brutal! At least I'm in the passenger seat with my iPad, iPhone, blackberry & computer.

''Can't wait to help my mom cook Thanksgiving dinner. One of my favorite kinds of food. @KathyHilton is an amazing cook! And so am I! (sic)''

She later added: ''At home relaxing watching Honey Boo Boo. She is such a lil character, love her! Such a funny cute show. Lol (sic)''

She also posted a picture of her kissing boyfriend, male model River Viiperi, with the caption: ''Love & magical kisses in the mountains with @RiverViiperi. Seize every moment, because life is beautiful... (sic)''

Paris has recently been to Hawaii with River, and they have remained a couple despite him getting into a scrape in a nightclub which led to him being taken into police custody after punching a man who filed the police stating Paris was ''making out'' with his girlfriend at a nightclub in Las Vegas.