Paris Hilton's boyfriend "saved her life".

The socialite was left terrified when an intruder broke into her Los Angeles home a few months ago and has praised nightclub mogul Cy Waits - who she has been dating for almost a year - for his bravery when he stepped in to protect her.

She said: "I'm really happy. He's just so loyal and protective of me and he saved my life, he's my hero.

"I got burglarised a few months a go with this guy who came in with two huge knives and Cy stopped him."

The 30-year-old reality TV star also says Cy treats her "like a princess", and admits she was stunned when he presented her with a $375,000 Lexus LFA sports car for her birthday last month.

Speaking to Ellen Degeneres for an episode of her TV talk show which airs in the US on Monday (07.03.11), she said: "He's just so loyal and amazing, he's my best friend. He treats me like a princess and he bought me a car for my birthday."

Paris' mother Kathy Hilton recently revealed she and her husband Rick hope the couple get married.

She said: "I like him so much. He is such a gentle person, such a sweet man and Paris really looks happy when she's with him. He's the real deal.

"We were all on holiday in Hawaii and Rick and I were sitting there thinking she looks so happy. I would be thrilled if he was 'The One'. I hope so."