Paris Hilton visits children's hospitals and orphanages while travelling.

The 32-year-old entrepreneur is very hands-on with her business interests - which include a perfume range and international clothing brand - but when she travels to consult with her business partners, she always finds time to do charity work.

She told ET Online: ''I feel like I have been so blessed my whole life and that's why when I do travel to different countries I always try to go visit a children's hospital or an orphanage, or do something to give back to the country, and that's something that brings good karma to your life.''

The socialite added she learned the importance of connecting with people from a young age, which has inspired her to help out wherever possible.

She added: ''I love travelling. It's one thing that's really important to me, because of my fans. I really have a connection with all of them. We twitter each other, I just love them so much.''

The reality TV star - known for her partying-loving lifestyle - added she does not like to publicise her charitable efforts, but did says she thinks many people would be surprised by how hard she works.