Paris Hilton has said her boyfriend Chris Zylka is ''everything [she's] ever wished for''.

The 36-year-old businesswoman and television personality has been romancing 'The Amazing Spider-Man' actor since February this year, and she couldn't be happier, as she believes she's found the ''perfect'' man.

She said: ''We are so perfect together. He's my everything. I'm so happy and excited to have someone who is my best friend, who I trust. Everything I've ever wished for came true. I always thought I would end up alone just because I never thought I would fall in love and trust somebody. With him, it's like God literally made him for me to save me from all these weirdos.''

Dating the 32-year-old actor has got the blonde beauty thinking about starting a family, and she admits she would like at least two children.

She added to Ocean Drive magazine: ''I definitely want to have more than one [baby]. Two I would be happy with, but three I would be even happier.''

It comes after the DJ recently gushed over the 'Leftovers' star, whom she believes will be a ''perfect dad''.

She said: ''I know he's going to be the perfect man, perfect dad, perfect husband.''

And Chris is just as smitten with Paris.

He said: ''She's the most beautiful girl in the world inside and out, and I feel so lucky she's mine.''

Meanwhile, Paris admitted that she has ''completely fallen'' for Chris.

She gushed on Instagram: ''I have completely fallen for you. Everything you do. Everything you say, Everything you are ... Such a #LuckyGirl (sic)''

And Paris' first kiss with Chris was ''electric'' and she knew instantly that he was a very ''special'' guy.

She explained: ''He came over to my house. We stayed up all night talking and getting to know each other. When we had our first kiss, I felt that electric feeling and I knew there was something special about him.''