Paris Hilton has given up junk food.

The 'Come Alive' singer has loved greasy burgers and fries since she was a child but has lost weight and feels much better about herself since changing her eating habits.

She told MailOnline: ''I lost about five pounds just from staying away from the Drive-Thrus. I can feel the difference especially when I'm in a bathing suit.

''I used to eat that way, but I decided to change things this year. Now I don't do that. There are times when I will stop at a Carl's Jr, but I will maybe get a turkey burger or something healthier instead of a cheeseburger and fries. I am more careful now.''

Instead, the 33-year-old socialite - who is dating 22-year-old model River Viperii - favours healthy juices, fruits and salads.

She added: ''I like green smoothies, they taste good and they make me feel more energetic.

''I also like regular juices. I get a lot more vitamins these days, more fruits too, more vegetables, more protein, more salads.''

While she has been taking more care of herself, Paris insists she will never be found in a gym as she prefers to stay active with more ''tomboy'' pursuits.

She said: ''I have never been a gym person, it's not me.

''I don't think people expect to hear this, but I grew up a tomboy. I would always play ice hockey, go skiing when I could. I would surf, ride bikes, swim. I love to work out outside. I have always been very active.''