Hotel heiress Paris Hilton plans to entertain audiences when her new reality show makes its December (03) debut, by playing into her spoiled rich girl image.

Hilton has teamed up with Lionel Richie's daughter NICOLE to star in THE SIMPLE LIFE, which sees the privileged pair struggle through life on an Arkansas farm.

And in the first episode, 22-year-old Hilton declares she doesn't know what a water well is and asks if discount chain WALMART is a store which sells walls. But she insists it's all an act to play into her stereotype.

She says, "I've been to KMART. I've been to be TARGET. I've always been on farms because my family has ranches. I knew what I was doing.

"I'm going to play into the whole spoiled rich girl. It gets laughs."

28/10/2003 02:19