Paris Hilton is planning a ''winter princess'' wedding.

The 37-year-old socialite got engaged to Chris Zylka in January and they want their nuptials to reflect his proposal on the ski slopes of Aspen, Colorado, so have hired party planner Colin Cowie to arrange their frozen festivities, which will take place in Beverly Hills, California, in November.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ''Paris loves a party and wants this one to be the most memorable yet.

''She is planning to have decorative icicles everywhere. It will be a real winter wonderland.''

And fans may get to catch a glimpse of the wedding as the former 'Simple Life' star recently admitted she and the 33-year-old actor have received multiple offers for a reality show about their preparations for their big day, the ceremony itself and the aftermath.

She said: ''We've been getting a lot of calls and a lot of offers from different networks, pitching that show so maybe.''

Paris has been trying to keep details about her wedding close to her chest but she has promised that her dress for the nuptials is very ''elegant'' and the ceremony will be small.

She explained when asked how many people she was planning to invite: ''It's going to be very hard [to narrow down the guest list] because I have friends from all around the world. It's going to be a hard choice or else I'll have like a million people there.''

And, once they've become husband and wife, Paris is desperate to start a family.

She said: ''I think that's [kids] just the next step in life. I definitely want to have some cousins for [my sister] Nicky's babies to play with and I can't wait to have kids.''

Paris began dating the 'Leftovers' star in 2016 and she believes he has ''saved'' her by loving her.

She explained: ''It's the best feeling in the world just to find the one person who is your best friend. I trust him so much. He's so supportive and loving and like an angel. I feel like he saved me. I can't imagine my life with anyone else.''