Paris Hilton owns 800 wigs.

The 38-year-old socialite loves to change her appearance and finds putting a hairpiece that's different to her long blonde tresses the best form of disguise when she wants to go out without being recognised.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''I probably own like, 800 wigs.

''I have every single colour, every style.

''I used to wear them to Disneyland and other places. If I'm ever in a certain country or I want to just like, go undercover, I'll just put on like, a short black wig and just go undercover and be in disguise.''

Paris will always be grateful to her mother, Kathy Hilton, for teaching her from a young age to look after her skin because she is still ''all natural'' with a youthful complexion.

She said: ''I'm all natural and I really thank my mother for that. She always taught me to stay out of the sun and to take really good care of my skin.

''I go once a week to Angela Nice and get facials and my favorite is her oxygen facial. And she also has another one called the red carpet facial. And then I get my Glam App done after and I'm just ready for a fun night out.''

And the 'Stars Are Blind' singer isn't afraid to try out unusual beauty treatments, including experiencing extreme cold temperatures.

She said: ''I just tried the cryotherapy recently, and it was so cold like, literally it's like you feel like you're in Alaska. It's insane. I hope it works.''

Paris recently admitted she feels ''flattered'' when people copy her style, especially the silver mini-dress she donned for her 21st birthday, which has since been worn by Kendall Jenner and Blake Lively.

She said: ''As soon I put that dress on, I knew it was iconic.

''I'd never seen anything like it before, and it was so me. So to see so many people using it as inspiration is just the best. Even just on Instagram, I've seen so many replicas. And a lot of girls wore it for Halloween last year.

''Imitation is the highest form of flattery. I mean, it's the ultimate birthday dress. Everybody should wear that dress on their birthday.''