Paris Hilton is so proud of her ''little sister'' Sofia Richie for becoming such an ''amazing, beautiful woman''.

The 38-year-old DJ was catapulted to fame when she starred alongside Sofia's older sibling and her best friend Nicole Richie, 37, on reality TV show 'The Simple Life' and she has also got a very close bond with the 20-year-old model and couldn't be anymore happy for her for what she's achieved in the fashion business.

In an interview with Us Weekly magazine, Paris said: ''She is so amazing. I love her. She's like my little sister. I've known her since she was born and now to see her grow up into this amazing, beautiful woman. She's so mature and has such a good head on her shoulders.''

And Paris is always impressed by Sofia's impeccable fashion sense and she wouldn't ever feel as though she'd need to give her younger pal any advice on what to wear.

The stunning blonde added: ''She literally has such great style. She doesn't even need fashion advice. She gets it. She's like this fashionista. It's so fun.''

Paris love for Sofia - who is dating Scott Disick - is reciprocated by the fashionista who has described the Hilton heiress as one of her ''closest friends in the industry''.

In a previous interview, Sofia - whose parents are music legend Lionel Richie and his second wife Diane Alexander - previously said: ''It's really nice to have her kind of, as like a sister, because she's been through it all and she gives the best advice and she wants the best for me and she sees how my path is going. She's really rooting for me and giving me the best tips, how to avoid certain things and how to be the best version of myself that I can be.''