Paris Hilton loved Meghan Markle's ''natural'' wedding look.

The 37-year-old DJ - who is set to tie the knot with 'Leftovers' star Chris Zylka - thought the Duchess of Sussex looked ''very elegant'' when she tied the knot with Prince Harry last weekend.

She told People magazine: ''She looked very elegant - like a princess - and I love that she was very natural. It looked like she had no makeup on. She's just a natural beauty and they looked so happy together. It was an amazing moment to see them together.''

When it comes to her own wedding, Chris is leaving the wedding planning to Paris because it's ''her big day'' and he wants it to be perfect.

He said: ''I think you leave that to the woman. It's her big day. I think the only definite thing is that we want to keep it in LA to have family there. How couldn't you be [excited]?''

And Paris has admitted she can't wait to start a family with Chris because he's her ''best friend'' and won't ''hurt'' her.

She explained: ''Of course I'm excited I'm getting married this year. I'm excited for the next phase in my life and to start a family and find true happiness, because yes this is so much fun and I'm still going to be the businesswoman and the girl boss that I am, but I'm also going to be a mom. I can't wait for that day. What I've always wanted is just to find the man of my dreams, someone I can trust, [be] my best friend, and someone who would never hurt me or betray me. He's right there. I love you, Chris.''