Paris Hilton says being in love is ''magical''.

The 33-year-old heiress unveiled new single 'Come Alive' this week and

hinted her relationship with River Viiperi, 22, inspired the track.

Asked by 'Entertainment Tonight' if she was in love, the star smiled and coyly replied: ''I think ... the song is about love. The summer of love.''

''The song is a love song, it's a very fantasy world and I wanted it to be special ... It's just about love in general.

''I think when you're in love it's just this magical feeling that makes you feel alive.''

To reflect the ''fantasy world'' of love, Paris has shot a ''magical'' music video which features, among other things, a unicorn.

She said: ''I wanted to be very magical.''

Paris has previously opened up about her model boyfriend - who she has been dating for almost two years - and described him a complete romantic.

She previously said: ''He [recently] made me a really beautiful piece of art, and he wrote me a beautiful letter. He does sweet things all the time.''