Paris Hilton is launching an art exhibition of her work.

The DJ and socialite - who recently ended her engagement to 'Leftovers' actor Chris Zylka - is keen to open her own exhibition to showcase her artwork.

Speaking to the New York Post's Page Six column, she said: ''I'm putting my art exhibit together now. My art is very futuristic and pop, with neon lights and crystals and collages and painting. I draw animals. It's really inspired by pop culture, it's really different.''

Before Paris split from Chris, the pair had plans to launch a joint exhibition of their work.

She said: ''He's amazing at oil painting, drawing, all of that. I love drawing, painting, collages, LED lights, and diamond dust. So yeah - we're having a lot of fun just doing art nights at our house and inviting a lot of other amazing artists over to have fun and play. Together we just have so much fun because we go to Art Basel and to all these amazing things ... So I'm excited for everyone to see all the things we have come up with.''

And Paris is sticking to her word about being too busy to date and instead is focusing on ''being a boss-babe''.

She shared: ''I'm amazing. I am busy being a boss-babe, running an empire. That is all I have time for. I barely have time for myself, let alone anything else. I am not even thinking about [dating] right now. I am literally so busy. I hardly have time to see my own family, let alone do that. I am so happy. I just love my life. My advice is to always be happy and feel good about yourself - because life is truly too short.''